Gold may have been struck again.

Gold may have been struck again. NUNSENSE A-AMEN! Provides the new twist of and all-male cast in this offshoot of the hit musical “Nunsense,” which had a 10-year off-Broadway and also became a hit abroad. Now five very talented men sincerely but comically portray the nuns. The isn’t a drag show—the men are so good as the Little Sisters of Hoboken that they quickly make you forget gender.

The casting gives the sassy and satirical material, sometimes forced and but more often hilarious, a fresh reincarnation. Dan Goggin, who wrote the book music and lyrics, also directs. David Titus is a standout as the portly Sister Mary Regina, but each of the other actors, Lothair Eaton, Doan Mackenzie, Danny Vaccaro and Greg White also has a chance to shine. The musical are best.

The sisters are survivors of a cooking accident the poisoned all the other nuns. Four victims are yet to be buried and repose in a freezer because Sister Mary Regina spent some of the funeral money on a VCR. The remaining nuns put on a show to raise money to bury them. So much for the Plot. The cast creates an easy rapport with the audience, and while some may take offense at the more irreverent spoofing, the overall tone is one of good cheer, wit and merriment. The 47th Street theatre, 304 West 47th St. ph. 212-239-6200.