Minneapolis Star Tribune - 3/22/05

-Graydon Royce

Capsule Review

‘Nunsensations’ Vegas act is an old habit,
but still hits the jackpot

Well, Danny Goggin has done it again. The proud papa of five previous “Nunsense” confections has whelped another refrain that plops the Little Sisters of Hoboken in Sin City. The world premiere of “Nunsensations! The Nunsense Vegas Revue” opened at the Chanhassen Theatre with the familiar banter, songs and shtick that animated the previous shows. If you like “Nunsense” there is nothing to throw you off the scent here.

Goggin picked (New York City based) “Nunsense” recidivists for his cast. Jeanne Tinker in the plumb role of Sister Amnesia throws herself into the part with a voice full of the young Goldie Hawn’s nervous tremolo. She’s effortlessly funny and charming. Deborah Del Mastro is back as Sister Robert Anne, a shot of chutzpah who gets the 11 o’clock number and knocks it out of the house. Bonnie Lee, Bambi Jones, and Carrie Keskinen complete a group of actors who know this material, understand the characters, and work the stage beautifully.

Is it art? Fuggedaboutit. But in terms of entertainment, Goggin clearly touches a resonant chord with the audience.