Middletown Press - 7/16/09


If you're a fan of Dan Goggin's Nuns and Nun-sense, you'll be psyched to discover that Sister Robert Anne will occupy the spotlight the way she always wanted: solo, alone, by herself, individually, without accompaniment. "Sister Robert Anne's Cabaret Class, a One-Nun-Sense Musical Event" will grace the Bridgeport's Playhouse on the Green Friday ,July 17 and Saturday, July 18 at 8 p.m.

Deborah Del Mastro stars as the spunky and feisty Sister from the Little Sisters of Hoboken in New Jersey who is as skilled with a wrench and pliers working on a car's carburetor as she is with tuning up her own vocal pipes. This sneak preview will mark the first public performance of the show prior to playing in venues all over the country. The good Sister Robert Anne has starred in other Dan Goggin musicals and belted out seventeen signature songs. When the award-winning composer and the musical director Leo Carusone, who accompanies on the piano, realized this, they stated the obvious, that "that was enough for an evening of its own."

Since Deborah Del Mastro is a gold star member of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, having originated Sister Robert Anne and her Brooklyn street-wise ways in such shows as "Nunsense Jamboree," "Nuncrackers," "Meshuggah-Nuns!"and "Nunsensations" on stage and in film, she is a natural to take on this one woman song feast.

Del Mastro's laugh is infectious and her presentation is wonderful as she brings her vivacious personality to the stage. Whether she's giving out clues on how to fashion your own cabaret show, choosing the songs that best show off your musical style, giving clothing and hair tips for success, or sharing anecdotes about her own show business story, she's got the whole musical world in her capable and talented hands.

Del Mastro knows how to sell a song and herself in the process, whether she's communicating with Elvis, traveling down a country western road, or impersonating Baby Jane. She sings songs that connect with her audience and proves why she wants to and deserves to be a star.

Written and directed by Dan Goggin, the man himself, the show marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of those sweet Sisters who have long ago won our hearts. The newest and next show will be "Nunset Boulevard" where the nuns take on Hollywood and you know who will win. Goggin based his musicals on the five nuns who taught him in Catholic school in Grand Rapids, Michigan and he has certainly done them proud. What started in 1981 as a gag gift of a nun mannequin has gone on to become a greeting card and landed in New York as the first show back in 1983 where four weekends turned into thirty-eight sold out weeks.

For tickets ($32, seniors $29, 21 and under $18), call the Playhouse on the Green, 177 State Street, Bridgeport at 866-811-4111 or online at www.playhouseonthegreen.org. Free parking is located in a lot one block from the theater.

Take a stroll down memory lane with Sister Robert Anne as she sentimentally renews her vows musically and spiritually for your listening pleasure. Who knows, you may even be inspired to take your own cabaret act on the road.