Quotes from the Critics - 7/16/09


A truly entertaining musical comedy event! Deborah Del Mastro's performance is an outstanding tour de force. --Joanne Rochman, Connecticut Critics Circle

Deborah Del Mastro offers plenty of attitude as the street-wise Sister Robert Anne with solid vocal chops and impeccable comic timing. --St. Paul Pioneer Press

If you're a fan of Dan Goggin's "Nunsense" shows you'll be psyched! Deborah Del Mastro, a gold star member of the Little Sisters of Hoboken, has got the whole musical world in her capable and talented hands. --Bonnie Goldberg, Middletown Press

Deborah Del Mastro as Sister Robert Anne ignited the audience with the torchy, "I'll Find a Song to Sing." --Minneapolis Star Tribune

Dan Goggin's "Nunsense" shows have made millions laugh. In his heart he knows he has lifted the human spirit. --New York Times