The Saint Paul Pioneer Press (Excerpt) - 11/20/09

-Dominic Papatola

Sisters of Hoboken still making sense in Nunset Boulevard

The set-up is that the Little Sisters of Hoboken have a gig at the Hollywood Bowl. Turns out that, rather than the legendary California amphitheatre, they're actually booked in the Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama.

The conceit gives Goggin and his company license for all manner of hijinks. 'Nunset Boulevard' hardly ever pauses. 'The Plot' is a gleeful admission...that a simple set-up is all you need. There is a shameless number called 'The Hollywood Blondes' in which the nuns dress up as screen sirens, and an even more shameless 'Whatever Happened To...' which recreates a certain 1962 Joan Crawford/Bette Davis movie, complete with bad wigs and wheelchairs.

The New York based cast can intuitively milk their characters without going overboard. And when Goggin's musicianship excels they can make the most of it---as with Deborah Del Mastro's big-voiced, big-hearted singing of 'That Kid's Gonna Make It' or Bambi Jones' leading the company in the boisterous pop-gospel finale, 'Don't Look Back.' Mister Goggin is ready for his close-up.

Follow-up from Dominic Papatola

It is pointless for me to write that people loved the show because the fact that people love Goggin's shows is about as surprising as the fact that the sun rises in the East. I know there are playwrights and composers out there who would kill for his unerring sense of what audiences like.