Nunsense 2: The Second Coming

Act I
Jubilate Deo/Nunsense, the Magic Word    cast
Winning is Just the Beginning    cast
The Prima Ballerina    Sr. Leo
The Biggest Still Ain't the Best    Sr. Hubert & Sr. Leo
I've Got Pizazz    Sr. Robert Anne, Sr. Regina
The Country Nun    Sr. Amnesia
Look Ma, I Made It    Sr. Regina
The Padre Polka    Sr. Hubert, Sr. Leo & Sr. Amnesia
The Classic Queens    Sr. Regina & Sr. Hubert
A Hat and Cane Song    Cast
Act II
Angeline    Sr. Robert Anne
We're the Nuns to Come to    Sr. Hubert, Sr. Leo, Sr. Robert Anne & Sr. Amnesia
What Would Elvis Do?    Sr. Hubert & Sr. Regina
Yes We Can    Sr. Leo, Sr. Amnesia, Sr. Robert Anne
I am Here to Stay    Sr. Robert Anne
No One Cared Like You    Sr. Amnesia
There's Only One Way to End Your Prayers    Cast
Nunsense, The Magic Word (Reprise)    Cast
There are currently no songs for this act.