Nunsense 2: The Second Coming

Act I
Jubilate Deo/Nunsense, the Magic Word    cast
Winning is Just the Beginning    cast
The Prima Ballerina    Sr. Leo
The Biggest Still Ain't the Best    Sr. Hubert & Sr. Leo
I've Got Pizazz    Sr. Robert Anne, Sr. Regina
The Country Nun    Sr. Amnesia
Look Ma, I Made It    Sr. Regina
The Padre Polka    Sr. Hubert, Sr. Leo & Sr. Amnesia
The Classic Queens    Sr. Regina & Sr. Hubert
A Hat and Cane Song    Cast
Act II
Angeline    Sr. Robert Anne
We're the Nuns to Come to    Sr. Hubert, Sr. Leo, Sr. Robert Anne & Sr. Amnesia
What Would Elvis Do?    Sr. Hubert & Sr. Regina
Yes We Can    Sr. Leo, Sr. Amnesia, Sr. Robert Anne
I am Here to Stay    Sr. Robert Anne
No One Cared Like You    Sr. Amnesia
There's Only One Way to End Your Prayers    Cast
Nunsense, The Magic Word (Reprise)    Cast