The Nunsense shows have made millions laugh... they have raised the human spirit!
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A hail of fun and frolic- Nunsense, like the holy mother church, is a bona fide institution.
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Nun News
Christine Mild in Sr. Robert Anne's Cabaret Class

Sister Robert Anne's Cabaret Class

is now touring starring the phenomenal Christine Mild.

"Christine Mild is so brilliantly talented she makes it look easy." -

For information about booking the tour for your venue contact Gurtman and Murtha, (212) 967-7350.

To license the show for your own terrific Sister, contact Tams-Witmark, (212) 688-2525.

It's Here! - The official Nunsense 30th Anniversary Cast Recording

Includes the previously unrecorded complete orchestrations.

Available in the Website Store or by calling 1-800-YES-NUNS

" Vividly Fun... crisp, clean, and sublime harmonies... These women can blend beautifully, giving the record some of its most radiantly blissful moments." --

Don't miss The World Premiere Cast DVD of Nunset Boulevard!

Available in the Website Store or by calling 1-800-YES-NUNS

50% of all sales go to the Abbey of Regina Laudis to support Mother Dolores Hart and the Benedictines.

From Dan Goggin: " I met Mother Dolores Hart about 15 years ago and became instant friends. She has admitted to being our "biggest fan" and loves the "Nunsense" shows. In writing "Nunset Boulevard" I wanted to figure out a way to involve the nuns in the "Hollywood scene" and thought the idea of a movie about Dolores Hart was perfect. Talk about life imitating art, not only has Mother Dolores made a trip back to Hollywood with the new film special on HBO, she is writing a book about her life and there is conversation about eventually turning the book into a movie. And you thought I made all this up."

The "Nunsense 25th Nunniversary Songbook"

168 pages of songs, stories and photos from all of the Nunsense Musicals so far. You'll enjoy reading some of the history of "Nunsense" as well as seeing pictures of shows from around the world. You can order it directly from the Nunsense Store on this site for $21.95.

NEW SERVICE!! Sheet music for many of the various Nunsense Show songs can now be downloaded on, and recordings can be digitally downloaded on Check it out!

Visit the Nunsense Museum

The Nunsense Museum is officially open at Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, Connecticut. Many East Coast people wanted to enjoy the museum and so after a year on the West Coast it was decided to bring the exhibits East. Seven Angels Theatre is run by Artistic Director Semina De Laurentis, who won a "Best Debut by an Actress" Award for her portrayal of Sister Mary Amnesia in the New York Production of Nunsense.