"Nunset Boulevard is heavenly! It's hugely popular,
hilarious, wacky and unpredictable." --ABC Television

Nunset Boulevard:
The Nunsense Hollywood Bowl Show

The Little Sisters of Hoboken are off on their newest "Nunsense" adventure, this time heading to Tinseltown. They are thrilled at the prospect of performing at the Hollywood Bowl until they discover they are booked into the Hollywood Bowl-ARama, not the famous "Bowl!" But when they hear that a big-time producer is auditioning people for a new movie musical about the life of Dolores Hart, the famous movie star who became a nun, their spirits soar! Could this be their big break? Featuring all new songs, audience participation, and heavenly humor, ABC Television calls this show, "Hilarious, Wacky, and Unpredictable!"

From Dan Goggin

: I met Mother Dolores Hart about 15 years ago at the Abbey of Regina Laudis, when we were presenting "Nunsense Jamboree" at a nearby theatre.We became instant friends and have been in contact ever since. She has admitted to being our "biggest fan" and loves the "Nunsense" shows. In writing "Nunset Boulevard" I wanted to figure out a way to involve the nuns in the "Hollywood scene" and thought the idea of a movie about Dolores Hart was perfect. Talk about life imitating art, not only has Mother Dolores made a trip back to Hollywood with the new film special on HBO, she is writing a book about her life and there is conversation about eventually turning the book into a movie. And you thought I made all this up. Read more...

Act I

Welcome, Bienvenue   Sr. Robert Anne
Hello Hollywood   Cast
The Plot   Rev. Mother & Sr. Hubert with Cast
Lord, Don't Let My Baby End up on the Silver Screen   Sr. Hubert
Where is the Rainbow?   Sr. Leo
The Bowling Ball Blues   Sr. Amnesia with Srs. Hubert & Robert Anne
The Hollywood Blondes   Cast
Belts, Ballads and Blues Songs   Sr. Robert Anne and Cast
The Casting Call   Cast

Act II

Reprise: Welcome, Bienvenue   Cast
The Screen Test   Cast
It May Never Happen   Rev. Mother & Sr. Hubert
Whatever Happened To...?   Sr. Amnesia & Cast
Reprise: The Plot   Rev. Mother & Sr. Hubert
That Kid's Gonna Make It   Sr. Robert Anne
The Flickers   Srs. Robert Anne, Amnesia & Hubert
There Was a Time...   Rev. Mother
Don't Look Back   Sr. Hubert & Cast
So Long, Hollywood   Cast