"Meshuggah-Nuns is a celebration of Catholic and Jewish
traditions. This spin-off is a crowd pleaser." --Miami Herald


finds the sisters on an all-expense paid trip on the “Faiths of All Nations” Cruise. When the cast of “Fiddler on the Roof” (with the exception of the guy playing Tevye) gets seasick, the ship’s captain asks the sisters and Tevye to put on a show. The result- Meshuggah-Nuns! Hilarity reigns supreme on the high seas with songs like Say It In Yiddish, Contrition, In the Convent, and If I Were a Catholic. From Sister Amnesia’s attempt at magic to the sing-along Fiddlerspiel, Meshuggah-Nuns is an ecumenical fun-fest. You don’t have to be Catholic. You don’t have to be Jewish. This is a show for anyone who loves a good laugh!

Act I

Prologue and Anchors Aweigh   Cast
Contrition (A Song of Guilt)   Reverend Mother, Howard & Cast
Say It In Yiddish   Reverend Mother & Howard
Tevye and Rev   Sr. Robert Anne & Sr. Hubert
My Ship   Sr. Amnesia with Sr. Robert Anne & Sr. Hubert
The Potchky Polka   Howard, Sr. Amnesia, Sr. Robert Anne & Sr. Hubert
My Fat Is My Fortune   Reverend Mother & Cast
Das Boat   Cast

Act II

Prologue   Cast
A Love Like This   Howard & Sr. Anne
Reprise: Say It In Yiddish   Howard & Cast
If I Were a Catholic   Howard
Three Shayna Maidels   Sr. Amnesia, Sr. Robert Anne & Sr. Hubert
Matzo Man   Cast
Fiddlerspiel   Reverend Mother, Sr. Amnesia, Sr. Robert Anne & Sr. Hubert
Come Up and See Me Some Time   Howard & Sr. Mary Annette
I'll Find a Song to Sing   Sr. Robert Anne
Rock the Boat   Sr. Hubert & Cast
Reprise: Anchors Aweigh   Cast