"An outstanding tour de force!" --Connecticut Critics Circle

Sister Robert Anne's Cabaret Class

When we realized that Sister Robert Anne had enough songs in the seven incarnations of "Nunsense" musicals to make a show of her own this "One-Nun-Sense" musical event became a reality. Using the concept that Sister was teaching the audience how to put together their own cabaret act seemed the perfect vehicle. Sister is quick to explain that even if you aren't interested in doing your own act she hopes you'll enjoy the class.

Filled with the usual "Nunsense" humor and audience participation segments this one-woman show became an instant hit. Requiring only a blackboard, a desk, and a piano, Sister and her musical accompanist can "teach" her class anywhere from a small room to a large theatre stage.

Sister Robert Anne, who over the past 25 years of "Nunsense" shows has become a star in her own right, commands the stage like no other nun and keeps the audience enthralled for the entire evening. This is one class you're not going to want to skip!

Act I

Welcome, Bienvenue   Nunset Boulevard
I'll Find a Song to Sing   Meshuggah-Nuns
Growing Up in Brooklyn   Nunsense Jamboree
Playing Second Fiddle   Nunsense
Play a Country Enut   Nunsense Jamboree
The Padre Polka (Instrumental)   Nunsense 2
What Would Elvis Do?   Nunsense 2
Whatever Happened To?   Nunset Boulevard

Act II

Everyday of the Week is a Saturday   Nunsense Jamboree
Growing Up Catholic   Nunsense
Twelve Days Prior to Christmas   Nuncrackers
All I Want For Christmas   Nuncrackers
I Left Him There   Nunsensations
I Just Want to be a Star   Nunsense
I Am Here to Stay   Nunsense 2